The Best Way to Review Info Products Online

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While reviewing digital products isn’t completely different from tangible products, there are some differences in the best way to review info products online. First, you’ll want to purchase the product yourself and then begin to implement it.

You can’t really review an info product unless you’ve tried it yourself. But as you implement, you’ll want to document the entire process from beginning to end. Begin with the buying process. What did the sales page look like? What was the cost? How did the message affect you?

Then move on to the process of buying and downloading and explain how that went – including One Time Offers, Upsells and Downsells. In addition, look for customer service information and test it out. Even email the author of the product to see what kind of response time you receive. Write about all of these tasks as part of your review.

As you document the process you’ll want to share both your excitement about new ideas or strategies as well as any frustrations or disappointments you have with the product. You’ll want to share your feelings about the product as honestly as possible.

At the same time, you’ll want to avoid giving so much detail that your reader doesn’t need to buy the product. For one thing, it’s plagiarism to share someone else’s system once you’ve bought it. For another, consider the fact that you’re working as an affiliate marketer and you want to encourage sales of the product.

Your review of an info product can take several days or even weeks depending on the product. You’ll want to write as you use the course so that you don’t have to back and remember what you were doing and how it was going.

As you implement the product, you should be open about what’s going well and what isn’t going smoothly. You should also make sure that you discuss any results you’re having. For example, if you purchased a course on list building, have you been able to actually increase the number of people on your list?

The cardinal rule for an info product is that you always have to be honest with your review. When you’re honest, your readers will be able to trust what you say. Then when you make positive reviews and recommendations you’ll have better sales.

If you’re dishonest and gloss over problems, your readers may discontinue their trust in your recommendations and you’ll see a decline in your sales as well. The best way to review info products online is to share your experience openly and honestly – warts and all.