Evaluating Info Products for Possible Promotions

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Evaluating Info Products for Possible Promotions

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Posted by Learning Affiliate Marketing on Thursday, June 28, 2018

If you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to promote digital information products for a commission, then you have to go about it carefully if you want the highest conversion rate with the least amount of refunds.

You want to protect your blog readers and list subscribers from making a worthless purchase, so evaluating the products and reviewing them the right way is important. There are three things you can do to get good results.

Dig around into the product seller’s reputation. Before you buy, you want to know whether the product owner is one of the good guys, or one of the shady marketers. Sending your customers to buy from someone who doesn’t practice ethics is like sending a lamb to slaughter.

They trust you. So make sure you’re looking out for them. Don’t just read the sales copy to see how you feel about this seller, start digging around online. Look at things like IM Report Card and various forums where anyone has reviewed one of their past products.

If they’re engaging in forums or on their blog, make sure you look to see how they treat people and how they act. Are they someone you’d want to send a good friend or family member to learn from?

You might even test the waters yourself by emailing the marketer to ask a question. How they handle customer service issues could affect your decision on whether or not to promote their products.

Don’t ask for a review copy – buy the product. Sometimes, getting a review copy can make some affiliates feel like they’re obligated to say good things about the product. You want to give an unbiased review, so buying it frees up your conscience.

Another reason to buy it is so that you can go through the process and share what it was like to your readers. Did you encounter any upsells, downsells or one time offers? Did you get immediate access to the product after paying?

Do an implementation review, not just a sales copy review. Too many affiliates simply read the sales copy and report on what the product is. If you want better conversions, then you need to put the product to the test!

Start by reviewing why you decided to buy this product, what you did or didn’t like about the sales copy and buying process, and then share your experience (not the product details) on what it was like to use the product for your own business.